April 2013: Clarity Top 10 KnowledgeBase Articles

Discussion created by Connie_Fu on May 4, 2013
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[size=4] The following are the 10 most viewed Clarity Knowledge Base articles in April 2013:

Clarity has a vulnerability to Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Attacks

Using Clarity v13 SQLTrace

Multiple instances of BOXI reports spawned after daylight savings time change

Clarity: RPT-0006: Invalid Login. Contact system administrator

Using Clarity SQLTrace

When I launch a project from Clarity to MSP I get the error 'Unknown Login Failure', and when I click on Setup on the Login screen the Host now points to Localhost, why ?

Clarity: The Datamart Rollup job is failing with error '...Building string of weeks that need to be rolled up again'

Populating Timesheet with Option of Copying from Previous Timesheet Add More Tasks Than Expected

Clarity: Configuring Filter Layout may cause OutOfMemory exception

The bonus KB for this month is not a new one but an updated one: TEC562321 Clarity: Explain WIP Reversal and WIP Transfer actions

Heads-up: we have a new V13 KB coming out soon that you may be interested in. The title will be "CLARITY: Enable Clarity to support both ‘Secure’ and ‘http-only’ session cookies", we do not yet have a TEC number at this time.[size]

Reminder: If an hyperlink from above does not open the KBs, try Obviously you would change 111111 to the actual digits for the article you want to see