CA Tuesday Tip: Creating an APM CE Roadmap

Discussion created by Hallett_German Employee on May 5, 2013
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CA Wily Tuesday Tip by Hallett German, Sr. Support Engineer for 5/7/2013

This is a continuation of last month which covered APM Monitoring Strategy. This month we review an Application Roadmap for APM CE.
I would love to hear if you are actually doing this and what works for you or not.

Note that some companies are not doing because they are too busy being in the Hobbesian universe of application reactive ****. That is the applications are constantly growing and having issues and administrators do not have time to be proactive. But on the other hand, having and implementing a plan moving forward, no matter how modest, is a positive move.

What would include in such a document?
- Key Goals

- Business and Technical Goals
- Overview of APM CE Architecture

- As-Is Environment

- To-Be Environment

- Projects getting to To-Be
- Overview of APM CE monitored applications

- Number

- Description

- Number of Transactions, Users, Defects

- How measured in Introscope

- If monitored through other tools

- Stakeholders
- Key metrics and Reports
- Projects for next one month, six months, one year

- Can break down into Architecture, Application Monitoring, Reporting, Optimization and Maintenance.

- Costs

- Resources
- Risks, Challenges, Assumptions
- Linkages to Other Corporate Projects/Organizations.
- Security Concerns
- References to other documents (Application Performance Monitoring Strategy, APM Run book)

Data could be presented in tables or graphs. This includes:
- Architecture Overview (# of Servers, OS,, CPU, Memory, Function, Physical or Virtual)
- Application Overview (Number, Ecommerce/Enterprise, Number of Users, HTTP/HTTPS, Number of Transactions, Number of Defects,
Type/Number of Reports, Key Metrics, Introscope integration, Other integration)
- Projects (Timeframe, Cost, Applications, Type (New, Maintenance, Optimization)

These are the discussion questions for this article:
1. Do you have an Application CE Roadmap document? If not, why not?
2. If yes:
- Who maintains the document?
- Is there a process to get the document reviewed and updated?
3. Do you have anything that you wish to share about this topic? I would really like to hear what is working or not for you.