RE: [CA SiteMinder General Discussion] Apache Agent does not redirect to Cu

Discussion created by peter_caliri on May 9, 2013
Hi Gunjar,

You are 100% correct, I should have added a little star *, but was hoping you weren’t using a proxy server!! Sorry ☺

***Note: For an Apache server being used as a proxy or reverse proxy server, the Apache Agent will not return custom SiteMinder error pages, but will return the standard Apache HTTP 500 and 403 error pages.

For your particular issue, did you set a “ValidTargetDomain“ for the URL you are trying to redirect to?

***This parameter can include multiple values.

Hope this works for you.


Define Valid Target Domains
To configure SiteMinder Agents to help protect your resources from phishing attempts that could redirect users to a hostile website, set the following configuration parameter:

Specifies the domains to which a credential collector is allowed to redirect users. If the domain in the URL does not match the domains set in this parameter, the redirect is denied.

Default: No.

All advanced authentication schemes, including forms credential collectors (FCCs) support this parameter.

The ValidTargetDomain parameter identifies the valid domains for the target during processing. Before the user is redirected, the agent compares the values in the redirect URL against the domains in this parameter. Without this parameter, the agent redirects the user to targets in any domain.

The ValidTargetDomain parameter can include multiple values, one for each valid domain.

For local Web Agent configurations, specify an entry, one entry per line, for each domain, for example: