CA Clarity Tuesday Tip - Clarity on VMWare, multicast issues

Discussion created by Aurora_Gaimon Employee on May 7, 2013
Latest reply on May 25, 2013 by Santosh-Komeravelli

Clarity looks like working ok, services are up and running. But, from time to time, Process Engine goes down or hangs. When installing Clarity app nodes on VMWare environments, you could face multicast issue due to vSwitch. In order to avoid it, please, bear in mind the following checklist:


How to verify there are issues with multicast?

1. On the server running the NSA / CSA, run the following command from cmd:
nikuadmin tower (Clarity 12.x)
admin tower (Clarity 13.x)

> refresh
> list clients

2 . You should then get an output similar to this:

NSA: Active Clients:
1) server1
2) server2
3) server3

If you just see "locahost" , review the following:

** Enable promiscuous mode (mandatory).
** Keep all clarity app nodes in the same subnet.
** Make sure all clarity app servers have the same multicast IP and ports.
** Make sure IP bind address is the IP instead of hostnames / alias. Add all IP addresses in bind address filed for all clarity app machines.

I hope this is being informative to the community.