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JCL DD vs IDMS dynamic allocation

Question asked by rob.klan.1 on May 8, 2013
Latest reply on May 13, 2013 by rob.klan.1

JCL DD vs IDMS dynamic dsname allocation.

We have DSNAME in FILE statement. We also have JCL DD statements. hence MVS allocate rather than IDMS allocate.

I wish to eliminate JCL DDs. Nicely FILE statement DSNAME is 100% match to JCL DD dsname.

I believe I only need to remove the ASSIGN TO parm from the FILE statement and create DMCL and comment out DD statement.

However that does not work and results in

+IDMS DC200007 V50 T1 3005 Error Accessing Area - Not Available. EMPDEMO.EMP-DEMO-REGION

Admin manual supports my believe. Obviously I am missing a piece of the pie.

Any ideas?