Issues Posting to MyCA This Week!!!

Discussion created by mparikh on May 8, 2013
Some of you may have been experiencing issues posting to MyCA yesterday and today. There is a browser compatibility issue with one of the fixes that were implemented recently. The details on the exact browser or OS or version that are causing the problems are unclear. There is no estimated time for a fix.

In the mean time, every member should be able to reply to message board posts via email. Simply reply to the email notification you get (hope you're all subscribed to your favorite categories). Please make sure to remove the original text from the email reply so that you're not reposting the entire thread history.

Alternatively, you can try another browser. It seems that IE works for some but not others. Any browser on Apple products seems to work. Chrome and Firefox seem to be the main offenders right now. You can join in the ongoing conversation about compatibility issues by joining the MyCA Feedback Community and watching this thread.