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Getting contact data from Change Order requestor field

Question asked by davethecoder on May 9, 2013
Latest reply on May 10, 2013 by davethecoder
Hi all, would someone be as so kind as to offer a suggestion on this … I am starting a workflow starting from an end user in Service Desk creating a Change Order. Once the workflow starts, I need to get information about the “requestor”. I have queried the requestor field using a “Select Object” operator and have returned what appears to be the contact_uuid .. (binary 16 in the SD DB) in this case => 2A30BF47EFFCD24CB08B1229E73D5797 .

When I try and use this to get more information on the “contact” (such as first_name, last_name bla bla) later in the workflow using a “invoke SOAP method” operator, on the “cnt” object, I am getting no data, or bad where clause etc …I have tried numerous permutations. I don’t think that its anything but semantics as when I query the DB using SQL directly, the code indeed is the correct contact_uuid. So I must be doing something wrong .. is the a paradigm one uses to reference the contact_uuid or is there another technique.

Thank you in advance


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