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resource baseline on timesheet

Question asked by RonaldoRezende-TecBan on May 10, 2013
Latest reply on May 17, 2013 by another_martink
Take a look at this scenario.
1. I've created my schedule using function resources (like system analyst, project manager, tester).
2. I've created the first baseline of project before the resource allocations.
3. I've done the resource requisitions and the resources functions is replaced by hard resources on the schedule.
4. I've added the baseline column at my timesheet configuration settings.
5. Some project resource add some project task on his timesheet and submit the timesheet to my approval.
6. When I opened the resource's timesheet and the baseline column of the tasks is with zero value, even if the schedule task has a planed value greater then zero.
7. I've manually updated the baseline of tasks of the resource or I've create another baseline for the project.
8. Then, the timesheet baseline is available for my analysis.

Doubt: why this happens? Is it possible to see the baseline work effort without creating another baseline or update the project baseline?