Next Weeks Webcast - Need Your Input!!!

Discussion created by mparikh on May 10, 2013
Dear Community Members,

In lieu of our May Webcast next week, I'd like to reach out to each and everyone of you and get some assistance. Next week's webcast is strictly going to be a Town Hall Meeting for our Community. There is no topic or presentation by anyone. We would like a 'open mic' type of webcast and we want you to speak out on anything and everything that you would like to discuss or vent about.

[size=5]What questions/topics would you want us to bring up at the Town Hall Meeting next week?[size]

Please either reply to this post directly (make sure you are subscribe to it) to send us your question/concerns/topics or email them to

Once again, I would really appreciate it if you can take a few minutes out of your busy day and help the Community.

Thank you,