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Importing Reports from one Instance to Another

Question asked by paritosh.hebbal on May 13, 2013
Latest reply on May 21, 2013 by ehtesham1

So this is what we have done for now:

-Upgraded Clarity (dev) from 12.1 to 13.1, Win Server 2008R2, installed Business Objects XI r3.1 and Crystal reports 2008.
-We created 14 reports in Crystal reports 2008, all based on Stored procedures.
-Deployed them in DEV instance of Clarity v13.1.
-Upgraded the QA to 13.1 and freshly installed BO and Crystal reports.

-Using the import Wizard we created a .biar of the existing reports, in DEV, and imported them into QA.
-Recreated the 14 respective stored procedures in QA (Test instance).
-Deployed them in Clarity.

Now, few of them were not working fine and were giving random RPT-007 errors. So we also did a few development activities in QA.

The next step for us, would be the main thing: Production. :rolleyes:

I am not sure as to how I should proceed from here. The 14 reports are working well and as expected, in QA.

I'm skeptical about how they will behave once deployed in prod, considering that they gave quite a bit of issues while migrating between DEV and QA.

I'd be extremely grateful if I get to hear a third person shedding ANY kind of light on this.