Tuesday Tip: DataMinder Email Integration with Voltage SecureMail

Discussion created by devan05 Employee on May 14, 2013
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Introducing DataMinder r14.5 new feature, Email Integration with Voltage SecureMail published by Andrew Devine, Snr Support Engineer, 14 May 2013.

Newly introduced to CA DataMinder r14.5 is the ability to integrate its Exchange Server and MTA Agents with Voltage’s SecureMail key management server to provide access to unencrypted versions of mails encrypted by the Voltage SecureMail client.

How does the integration work? CA DataMinder intercepts Voltage-encrypted emails passing through an email server and passes copies of these emails to a CA DataMinder policy engine. The policy engine establishes a secure connection to the Voltage SecureMail server, which provides the policy engine with an unencrypted version of the email. The policy engine can then apply policy triggers to the email as normal. When policy processing is complete, the policy engine calls back to the email server agent. The callback instructs the email server agent to either block the encrypted email or allow it to continue.

For more information on this topic please refer to the r14.5 Message Server Integration Guide (DLP_Message_Server_Int_ENU.pdf) which is available from the CA DataMinder r14.5 Bookshelfwhich can be downloaded from the CA Support Portal (