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Project - Edit Mgmt Rights for RMs while Booking resources thru Requisition

Question asked by Saurabh.Shahane1 on May 15, 2013
Latest reply on May 20, 2013 by Saurabh.Shahane1

We were recently testing out the Resource Requisition process. And here is what we found -

1. After a PM has Created and Opened a requisition, the RM Proposes as a few resources.
2. The PM then confirms outside of Clarity (phone/email) to the RM which resource he wants.
3. Since the requisition is in Proposed state, the other resources who were not selected by the PM need to be removed.
4. Hence the RM, changes the requisition status to Open.
5. RM deletes the proposed resources who were not selected.
6. With the only selected resource remaining, the RM hits the BOOK button.

Now, the Requisition status only changes to BOOKED, if the RM has Project - Edit Management rights. Else the Status remains as Open.

Questions -

1. Is Project - Edit Management really necessary to be granted to the RM to perform the steps described above?
2. Any other way to go about this issue? - Its critical that the requisition status should change to BOOKED.