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Uploading binary files to IDM with the UI

Question asked by scottpierce on May 20, 2013
Latest reply on May 24, 2013 by ronro03
Problem: I want to upload a .pdf and store this in a database.
What I have attempted: Customizing a UI task, creating a Profile Screen using Field type of Seperator, style of binary, content type of: application/octet-stream. This can map to a "binary" attribute type, however there is not a way to define a LDAP attribute of type binary in the CA directory. A LDAP error code of 21 (invalid syntax) will be reported if a binary file is uploaded. A .txt file will be accepted. I attempted a solution of using base64 encoding of the file in the validation javascript to encode the file for acceptance, however validation is failing to work with ScreenContext() function unable to retrieve the variable. I have an outstanding CA issue on this, however the ScreenContext() does not appear to work with attributes of type Separator. I can sucessfully grab a .txt file and use PX to upload this file to a database.

Question: Has anyone implemented a method of grabbing binary files in the CA UI (12.6)