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How to identify how was created a project?

Question asked by jpereza on May 21, 2013
Latest reply on May 23, 2013 by Nicolas.Sanzana-CAChile
Hi guys,


We are several projects. These projects were created by different way

1) Idea converted to project
Solution: originatig idea column

2) Project created by template one (TI Projects)
Solution: None (I opened a thread for this, but solutions provided no works)

3) Project created by other template (Other Projects)
Solution: None (the same scenario point #2)

4) Project created by XOG
Solution: None

5) Project created by MSP
Solution: None

6) Project created by 'New' button

The projects can be created by different way, we want to identify how identify.
Some guidance for point #2 / #4 /#5 ?