CA Tuesday Tip: (CA IDMS) Date Last Compiled in map statement

Discussion created by Eddy_G Employee on May 21, 2013
CA IDMS Tuesday Tip by Edward Gorga, Principal Support Engineer for May 21, 2013.

You may have noticed that the Date Last Compiled field for a map displayed in IDD is not always updated when the map is compiled. This is not really a problem.

The Date Last Compiled field is changed only if a critical change is made to the map or an entity owned by the map is modified prior to compiling the map. Once a map is marked as having had a critical change then any program or dialog that uses the map will need to be recompiled. The following are considered critical changes:

[*]Adding a variable field
[*]Deleting a variable field
[*]Changing a nonpageable map to a pageable map, and vice versa
[*]Changing record versions

In contrast, the Date Last Updated field is updated each time a map is compiled whether a critical change was made to the map or not.