Idea-Clarity NSA allows saving standard IP only not Fully Qualified Domain

Discussion created by sundar on May 21, 2013
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Hi All,

For Clarity applications who are using SSL - For application URL when we want to use with FQDM (Fully
Qualified Domain Name) other than standard IP (Mostly users will not use standard IP) then we cannot save any changes in NSA.Clarity validates and if it is an Fully Qualified Domain Name then it will not allow you to modify.
The Error thrown is "In valid URL".>It will save.

If you enter in the FQDM -> it will not save and thrown an error. (Invalid URL).

Issue-->We cannot do any changes in the NSA other than stop / starting the services.we need to liaise with the server administrators to do the needful.For that we need to follow the process which will be time consuming.
And as an Clarity administrator it will be painful that we cannot do any planned changes in NSA which is there for that purpose only.Mostly clients will not use the standard IP but will use an Domain name as an Application URL.

If CA accepts the FQDM (Fully Qualified Domain Name) as Application/NSA URL in NSA then it will benefit users.

If you think it will be useful then support this as an enhancement request by voting to promote this idea.

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