How to change CABI Hostname

Discussion created by FloGoya on May 22, 2013
Latest reply on May 24, 2013 by Chris_Hackett
Hi! I am working on a customer site that is having problems with their CABI installation. They have uploaded an image of PROD environment into their virtual PREPROD environment. I did not have any issues with Clarity, since I changed all the parameters to point to PREPROD database from the NSA. So Clarity is pointing to the right database.

But with CABI, I´m not sure how to change the hostname to be PREPROD.

I´m attaching a doc with the screenshots I took, with the names of the virtual server SRVCLRTYAP-PRE (which is pre-production) and the server configuration from the Central Configuration Manager with the name of SRVCLRTYAP-PROD.

Clarity version is 13.0.1 and CABI is r3.2. CABI has been installed with MySql. I have not been involved in the initial implementation and I am not very familiar with CABI on MySql, so I appreciate any help.

Let me know if it possible to change the hostname or if I need to proceed to install from scratch.