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Password policy

Question asked by sreekanthm on May 23, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2014 by SKhurana
Hi All,

We have integrated Siteminder and CA IDM and the SSO is working fine with other applications. The problem we are facing is regarding password policy. In our case we have the implemnt the password policy in both siteminder as well as IDM.
Scenario according to our requirement:
User change their password for 1st time login is implemented from siteminder rest all password policies are implemented in IDM. When the user change the password he should be forced to update some challenge questions.
So we tried to redirect the user to smpwservices.fcc to change the password then we are redirecting the user to IDM to set challenge questions. But the problem we are facing is the user is able to see all the tasks aasign to him like change password, change challenge questions and many more. We need to set the thing in such a way that the user is forced to set the challenge question once he change his password.

1 more query: How can we write jsp code for customization in IDM pages???