CA IDMS 18.5 for z/OS is GA!

Discussion created by GregB Employee on May 24, 2013
Latest reply on May 28, 2013 by Chris_Hackett
Hello IDMS Community,

Today we are pleased to announce that CA IDMS 18.5 for z/OS is Generally Available. Licensed customers can download the software directly from CA Support Online and the documentation bookshelf is available using this link(requires login). Some of the customer-driven 18.5 features include:

- Very Large Database Support. New options for increased database capacity.
- Expanded Access to CA IDMS Modernization Technology. The SQL Web Connect feature gives all CA IDMS/DB customers access to SQL and ODBC/JDBC.
- Improved CA IDMS Performance Monitoring. Monitor multiple CA IDMS systems.
- Increased High Availability. UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) avoids outages during seasonal time changes.
- CA Chorus Software Manager Enhancements. CA IDMS 18.5 works with CA Chorus Software Manager 5.1 for improved configuration and performance.

We’re excited about the 18.5 benefits to you, but also because it’s the first CA IDMS release built entirely using Agile Scrum methodology – where our experienced development, quality and tech info engineers worked side-by-side with our newer engineers over more than 20 Sprints to produce this high-quality product. Customers and partners helped validate 18.5 and had this to say :

- We’re very happy with 18.5; it was the best run, most problem free beta test we’ve been involved with. Iain Robertson, BT

- I think the overall product release is GREAT. Chris Hoelscher, Humana

- This was the smoothest ALPHA/BETA that I have been involved in. John Abell, International Software Products

- As to the delivery process, installation and quality, it is, in our opinion, excellent. Chuck Hardee, Thermo Fisher

We hope you’ll be pleased with CA IDMS 18.5. Best regards from the CA IDMS product team.