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Key Performance Indicator (KPI) symbols in BO

Question asked by paritosh.hebbal on May 29, 2013
Latest reply on May 29, 2013 by Nikitau

We need to create a report which contains KPIs of different colors (Red/Green/Yellow) along with a symbol on each KPI based on its appearance. (Please refer the screenshot)

We are doing this through Crystal Reports.

Which would be the best approach to achieve this-
1. Using a box and modifying it to look like a KPI?
2. Using an image path?

The image approach might cause some problems later, since we need to:
a. Make the image path dynamic (So that it will reflect on the Client's Clarity too)
b. Conditionally suppress each image. (Like, if we the KPI is green, then Red and Yellow need to be suppressed)

I hope I was clear in what we want to achieve.

Would be grateful if I could get more info on the same, as most of the reports are having KPIs.

Thanks guys,