Should your users log-out and log-in so the change of user-rights apply?

Discussion created by ivan_obradovic Employee on May 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2013 by ivan_obradovic
You are changing user rights for your resources in Clarity. Do you need to ask users to re-login in order this changes to take effect?
I have done tests trying different options

*) Opened Clarity and logged in alternately with 2 users, Amdin and Test (I have used two browsers IE and Chrome in order to stayed logged on with both at the same time).
*) I have added Global rights of project navigate to Test user. I needed to re-log the user in order to see the projects. All projects were read only for this user.
*) I have added all project instance rights for Test user on a Project1
*) Just after clicking refresh button as Test user I could enter and edit the project.
*) I have tried removing Global rights, but user could still see and edit the Project1
*) After re-loging his Global rights are taken into account.

To conclude: Instance rights change take immediate effect and don't require user to re-login to Clarity.
Global rights require user to log-off and log-in again in order the change to have effect.