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Closing Change Orders and accessing workflow from SD while running

Question asked by davethecoder on May 29, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by Juerg_Walther
Hi all encountering a couple of issues regarding Service Desk Change Orders and PAM. First I cannot close off a Change using any operator as I am getting the message …

<ErrorMessage>AHD05742:Not allowed to close Change Order '296'.
AHD05808:There are uncompleted workflow tasks in this Change Order or its descendents.</ErrorMessage>

Now I am most assured that all of my IRF’s have been satisfied and all of my operators have completed successfully. One might think this is a bit of a “catch 22” as if you can’t use an operator to close the change order due to that error (the workflow is still “running”) …. Then once the process/workflow is terminated (normal stop) … how do you close the change …. I have to crack this one ... closing the item is manditory.

One thing that may have something to do with this (I mentioned this to the instructor at the CA IT PAM course we took .. he told me to open a ticket) .. is that when the workflow is active/running/waiting … if one tries to open the workflow in Service Desk (goes for any change record with an active workflow) … you will receive the following error …

"There is a problem accessing CA IT PAM Workflow - please try again or contact the administrator. Details: Error creating instance XML:Unparseable date: "" "

It seems “coincidental” that this error is occurring as well as the aforementioned bugaboo/catch 22 … both seem to exist in the same “plane” …

Are there any immediate gotchas that I am unaware of .. can anyone provide insight …

Thank you