What's New with the IUA

Discussion created by lindajcasey on May 31, 2013
The world of the IUA has changed dramatically over the past several years.

The IUA has embarked on a modernization project; moving from a static website to our own professional social network within the larger MyCA community, and migrating our Listserv technology to the message boards within the IAU/EIUA community site.

For those who attended CA-World this year, you may have noticed something missing; the IUA Annual Meeting. What has become evident is a reduction in the number our members able to attend CA-World. Also, the 18 month cycle of CA-World does not coincide with an annual IUA meeting cycle.

What haven’t changed are our by-laws, and we need to bring our rules into alignment with our current realities. We need to change our bylaws to allow us to have ‘meetings’ that will allow better participation of our membership, including those unable to attend CA-World. It makes no sense to have only a handful of people able to vote on matters important to the entire community.

As the board began to review our bylaws to adjust for these changes, it became apparent that our bylaws have also not kept up with changes in technology, or the differences between individual and corporate membership. Therefore, a full review and update of the bylaws has begun, with Terry Schwartz leading the review committee.

Due to this review and update, the election of board members has been put on hold until the bylaw changes are finalized. In the interim, to help put a historic perspective on the bylaws, the board voted unanimously to appoint Jim Rice to rejoin the board to fill the seat left vacant by Bob Wiklund’s retirement. For those of you who don’t know Jim, here’s a brief bio:

Jim has been working with IDMS for 30 years; as a DBA since 1988. He has been involved with the IUA nearly as long: serving on the IUA board for two terms and was chair of Products and Services Committee, Chair of the Technical Advisory committee, and International Chair for 3 years. Jim represented the IUA at EIUA meetings, CARE (predecessor to the Community Leadership Summit) gatherings, CA-World Planning committees and presented at CA World, IUA Road shows, BIUA and AID meetings.

He has worked for Southern Company since 1991. Southern Company, located in Atlanta, is the holding company for several large electrical companies in the United States Southeast.

When Jim’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his new grandson, brewing beer and traveling. He’s been a member of the Jan Heidrich-Rice owned set for 34 years and a diehard Denver Bronco and University of Colorado Golden Buffalo fan.

In his own words, he’s an “All around bon vivant and raconteur”.
I know we can count on Jim to help us through this process.

The IUA thanks you in advance for your patience regarding these changes as we move into our next phase. Our vision is to increase participation of the full membership.

To that point, please remember you do not have to be a board member to volunteer your time to the IUA. If you have an interest in being involved with the IUA in a more active manner, please contact me or anyone else on the board for information on how you can help. We’re always looking for Connections articles or short topic webinars, to name a few.


Linda J. Casey
IUA International Chair