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MAXRUNTIME Question...

Question asked by BILLKOS on Jun 5, 2013
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Firstly, thanks in advance for any responses. Your help is appreciated.

I have found what I needed in the following links, specifically the second. The requirement put forth to our scheduling team is as follows...

Monday thru Thursday... All jobs reside in one application...

(a) Alert/Page for jobs starting with UFP, that exceeds 100% of the Normal Time Run, where normal time run is greater than > 30 minutes.
(b) For Critical jobs (5 in the same Appl) replace 100% with 50% of any normal time run (could be an average over last 1 year).

What's unclear is if both scenarios can be handled within the same application? IE Can we add global statements for the UFP* jobs as well as job specific within the confines of the JOB/ENDJOB statements for the critical jobs? Will ESP honor both or just the application wide?

Again, thanks for any responses/suggestions!


Bill Kostyshyn
Canadian Tire Corporation