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ISO 8583 data protocol support on LISA Service Virtualization.

Question asked by Nickunj on Jun 5, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2014 by AndyJ
Hi all,

I was wondering if somebody has developed a virtual service using ISO 8583 (data protocol) and TCP/IP (transport protocol).
I believe we will have to use the LISA SDK in order to support this. It would be nice to receive some feedback from you guys
on this. If possible some codes/guide/tutorial will be highly appreciated. The System under test here is ATM and the Dependent
system is MEPS (Malaysian electronic payment system). Basically, we wish to virtualize the MEPS system that talks to the
the ATM using ISO 8583 data protocols. I have not used the LISA SDK before and hence some guidance pertaining to how to make
use of SDK is also required. Thank you in advance folks.