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Discussion created by JTenshaw on Jun 10, 2013
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All -

OK, we have Clarity v13.1 installed on Linux, and use IE to go to a load balancer then to OAM-SSO to reach Clarity. If a user logs into Clarity and goes somewhere within the app, say the Project Detail screen, and then doesn't do anything within IE and Clarity for about 30 minutes, it seems to disconnect or lose a cookie or session id or something so that when the user clicks on something within Clarity it'll display a server error popup.

So, say I log into Clarity, go to the Project Detail page, wait 30 minutes or so, then click on the Dashboard (or Team tab), I'll get a server error popup. If I click on the Dashboard tab again and again, nothing happens. Now, if I click on the refresh icon in Clarity most often it hangs or I get the server error popup again, but if I click on the About item, then close About, and then click on the refresh icon, the Dashboard screen will always appear successfully. It's like it knew where to go from within the system, it just couldn't get there and clicking on the Dashboard tab over and over again didn't do anything after the error because it thought that it was already there.

We seem to be getting a timeout/disconnect issue using IE-SSO/OAM-Clarity v13.1 at around the 30 minute mark. I've used Fiddler and Wire Shark to no avail.

It seems to work for these 3 combinations though
1) using Firefox (FF) – SSO/OAM – Clarity
2) using FF – non-SSO – Clarity
3) using IE – non-SSO – Clarity;

I seem to only be getting the issue ONLYwhen using IE-SSO/OAM-Clarity.

I thought is might of been Tomcat which has a 30 session timeout, but when I set that tomcat timeout to 5 minutes instead of 30 and redeployed, it didn't fail at the 5+ minute mark, but still failed at the 30 minute mark.

Has anyone else run into this?

thanks - John