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[CA DataMinder 12.5] Data Lookup Command

Question asked by dave.michael on Jun 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2013 by dave.michael
I need to write a Data Lookup Command that does the following:
1) Looks at all Sender and Recipient fields and does a User Attribute Lookup for the Registered Field and triggers if any of the users have a Registered Attriute of "Y"
2) Does not trigger if the Message class contains Oof OR VoiceMail

Here is what I cam up with:
((userattr WITH %sender% WHERE Registered contains "Y") OR (userattr WITH %recipient% WHERE Registered contains "Y"))
(msgattr WHERE messageclass IS NOT ANY {"*Oof*", "*Voicemail*"})

It is not working. It will not trigger on my account which has a Registered Value of "Y".

Any idea what I am doing wrong?