CA Tuesday Tip: (CA IDMS)  New CAUNZIP Utility for z/OS

Discussion created by Eddy_G Employee on Jun 11, 2013
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CA IDMS Tuesday Tip by Edward Gorga, Principal Support Engineer for June 11, 2013.

If you don't use CSM (formerly MSM) to apply maintenance there is now a new utility CAUNZIP, which allows you to unzip PTF zip files created by Support online directly under z/OS.

CAUNZIP is delivered as part of CA Common Services Version 14.0 with PTF RO54887 and CA Common Services Release 14.1 with PTF RO54635 and RO58216
You can find the documentation for it in the latest verison of theCA Common Services for z/OS Administration Guide 14.1

CAUNZIP runs as an online TSO command but can be run in batch. It extracts the files in PTF zip files and creates SMP/E Network Temporary Store (NTS) files which can be used in SMP/E RECEIVE processing. With this utility you can now ftp files directly to z/OS from the support ftp site without having to transfer to windows first to unzip the contents of the package. You could now order all PTFs published after a certain date in one zip file and extract the file directly on z/OS with CAUNZIP. when receiving multiple PTFs like this remember to download the latest HOLDDATA from ftp://ftp.ca.com/pub/HoldData/ and receive the HOLDDATA together with the PTFs.