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Actuate Reports in Test Environment reading Development Database

Question asked by Owen_R on Jun 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2013 by Owen_R
We are in the process of doing an upgrade to 12.1.3. As part of this our architecture is changing. Previously our DEV and Test databases were on different SQL Database servers. Now they are on the same server, with diferent database names ( niku in Dev, niku_diag in Test).

The issue I have is that our reports (Actuate) in the 12.1.3 Test environment are reading data from the Dev database. This is both standard and custom reports. Clarity itself is fine and data is coming/going from the correct database for each environment.

In the NSA for each environment, the database name corresponds to the correct database; the database ID however (in the reporting tab of NSA) was pointing at niku in both. I tried updating the Test environment properties.xml to change this to niku_diag but the database ID didn't change in NSA, even after restarting the app.

I'm not sure whether I also need to make any changes to ODBC connections on the app servers or recompile and republish the reports in the Test Actuate console with a different host name ?

I'm sure it's something straightforward but I'm not making much progress - any suggestions?