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Jobs:Log page doesn't show System jobs, monitoring jobs in 2 places :-(

Question asked by lyates on Jun 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2013 by rayd_indian
System jobs do not show up in the Jobs:Log page. Therefore, ,monitoring jobs is very cumbersome in the application. As an administrator you are forced to use Email for your System jobs, which presents a storage issue with your mailer. If you select Alert instead of Email, there is no filter available on the Organizer:Notifications page so locating a specific job is only done by paging through many pages. There is no option for turning on Email for a specific job. I would like to get notified when jobs complete. Once the time slicing job ran for over 24 hours and the only way I was able to know this was by looking at the job schedule to see the wait states. There is no way to turn on email for jobs that fail only.

Has anyone found a better way to monitor jobs? I am currently monitoring them in 3 places.