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Lookup attribute size, param query lookup and List view

Question asked by DaniPerez on Jun 13, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2013 by another_martink
I have an attribute lookup query (parametrized) called "myselectedtask" which let us see (in a customized way) and pick a task from a list of tasks(projectid is sent to query as param)

In the lookup:
if I configure as hiddenkey=taskname and display=taskname, it works BUT lookup string seems to be limited to 30char, so with long task names ->Error: Value is too large
if I configure as hiddenkey=taskid and display=taskname, then from Edit view, attribute displays the complete taskname

However, I have a problem with LIST view, since parameterized lookups don't work on the object LIST view, so I had to create a calculated attribute using Concat(myselectedtask," ") to retrieve the taskname from the lookup and be able to display in List view and its works quite well.
BUT we have the previous 30char limitation for a lookup attribute, so taskname(hiddenkey) wouldn't work with long tasknames

On the other side if a lookup attribute stores a short string such as taskid(hiddenkey) as recommended in bestpractises, It will display the number and I couldn't find a way to display the taskname.

is there other way to display the output of a param lookup from a List view?
could be possible to increase the type and size for the lookup attribute in database?
Any idea?