Siteminder 12.51 and Oracle BI 11g

Discussion created by bogdan.barbu on Jun 17, 2013
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I'm sharing this with you, so if need, don't lose almost 2 weeks, like I did.

I was working for more then a week for integrating Siteminder v12.51 with Oracle Business Intelligence 11g, running on Weblogic 11g. The default ASA for Weblogic was not enough and after lots of tests, configurations, rollbacks, the easiest way was to do the following:

1. Integrate Oracle BI with Apache (or IIS 7.0) web servers.

2. Create user store and session store from Oracle BI to the user store and session store of SiteMinder

3. Install and configure SiteMinder web agent for web servers

4. Edit Oracle BI files to accept SSO authentication

5. Create realms and rules to protect
/analytics/saw.dll (yhr Oracle BI E

6. Add all this to policies for the domain that have the user store defined at 2.

This is how I managed to make Siteminder and Oracle Business Intelligence to work. Probably there is also a solution to do it with ASA, but I did not succeeded (I will try this again when I will have some time).

Bogdan Barbu