DAR Background - how DAR's work today

Discussion created by lindajcasey on Jun 17, 2013
The current DAR process:

Customer opens support issue. If it’s an enhancement request (not a usability or software issue) it goes into the DAR queue.
The IDMS product team reviews new DARs periodically and gives the following statuses:
Wishlist – worthy of more review; these are later given to IUA for wider voting
Targeted / Incorporated – already in a release or in a release soon to be GA
Rejected – has no merit, inconsistent with architecture, etc.
Many DARs describe a desired outcome, but not the real business requirement. So we often have to cycle back to customers for further clarification. This is time-consuming and full of delays.
Wishlist items go to IUA for wider voting every year of two. IUA culls the list, conducts voting and gives results back to CA.
CA evaluates inclusion of top voted DARs during new release planning.

While this process works, it is slow and cumbersome and doesn’t get wider refinement and feedback until very late in the process, if at all. Also DARs tend to be very narrowly focused (add a certain option, add a message, etc.) rather than indicate a wider trend or initiative that would make a good investment for CA.