Clarity 13 URLs - Use of Hash/Fragments

Discussion created by Dale_Stockman Champion on Jun 18, 2013
So, Clarity 13.1 is running here now for a few months, and a few users have recently discovered that some of their Excel VBA code no longer works with Clarity URLs/Hyperlinks. Turns out the culprit is the introduction of the hash tag symbolt (#) in Clarity URLs.

Users are updating their code to handle the hash tags, and to cover error conditions if/when a URL is presented without inclusion of a hash tag. Good to go. Happy-Happy. :smile :smile

However, can anyone provide any background as to why Clarity is using the hash tag, and why its being used to identify entire pages, rather than how its normally implemented for handling optional fragments?


PS: While waiting to be enlightened, I found a website: http://seanreagan.com/100-things-to-do-while-youre-waiting-to-be-enlightened

I started at #19 - I haven't read a poem in years. Starting with Dickinson was a treat.