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SDM 12.6 & PAM 4.1 - Replicating Classic Workflow

Question asked by Stuart_ on Jun 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2013 by Stuart_

Our organisation is using CA Service Desk Manager 12.6 and we are using the built in classic workflow for Change Orders.

I have Process Automation 4.1 installed with the SDM connect in my test environment.

Currently using the classic workflow when a Change Order is raised by an Analyst, they list who they think should be the approver/s for the change in the ticket description, and assign the ticket status to "With Change Manager". Our Change Manage then reviews the ticket and if happy with its content, starts the workflow and adds approval tasks to the workflow for the suggested approvers.

My questions are with regards to PAM's ability with SDM....

Can the workflow be halted until the Change Manager gives their approval? Perhaps by changing the status or some other method?

Is it possible to easily modify the approvers that a PAM workflow needs to go through?