June 2013 - Webcast Replay -CA App. Performance Mgmt 9.5 with Analytics

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Here are the webcast recording details for the CA Wily/APM Global User Community Town Hall Meeting Webcast on June 20, 2013.

We took 2 polls during the webcast. The results are below. The Q&A for this session and the presentation are also attached.


Introducing CA Application Performance Management 9.5 with Analytics

If applications are the lifeblood of your business and you need to be able to assure performance while delivering a great end-user experience, then CA Application Performance Management 9.5 is the solution for you. CA APM can help you discover potential issues before end-users are impacted and find problem root-cause more quickly, reducing mean time to repair by delivering a 360-degree visibility into all user transactions across the hybrid-cloud infrastructure -- physical, virtual, cloud and mainframe.

Three new features in CA APM 9.5 are all designed to help make troubleshooting performance issues in complex applications easier:

• Application Behavior Analytics helps eliminate problem resolution guesswork by using its performance metrics to automatically identify complex emerging performance issues, enabling triage and diagnosis teams to solve problems faster and understand their environments better.
• New Web-based User Interface that features new layouts, the improved user interface makes it easier to bubble up alerts to IT operators, allowing them to see at a glance potential troublespots across the entire application environment.
• Browser Response Time Monitor (BRTM) gives visibility into how the Web browser renders web pages and how much time it time it takes, helping IT identify slow-running components to improve the end-user experience.

Marc Chene, CA Principal Product Manager and Tim Smith, CA Principal Product Manager presented.

Here is the link for the webex replay. Note: The webex replay is subject expire at some point.

Here is the link for the YouTube version of the replay.

Poll 1:

What CA APM technology do you use in your environment today?
a.Introscope only 21/121 ( 17%)
b.CEM only 0/121 ( 0%)
c.Introscope and CEM 22/121 ( 18%)
d.Introscope, CEM and Application Delivery Analysis (e.g., MTP)
9/121 ( 7%)
e.Introscope, CEM and Cloud Monitor 1/121 ( 1%)
f.Introscope, CEM, Application Delivery Analysis (e.g., MTP) and Cloud Monitor 5/121 ( 4%)
No Answer 63/121 ( 52%)

Poll 2:

Which browser do you primarily use for APM (triager, diagnose, APM Administrator, etc.)?
a.IE 8 17/128 ( 13%)
b.IE 9 17/128 ( 13%)
c.IE 10 2/128 ( 2%)
d.FF 12+ 7/128 ( 5%)
e.Chrome 26+ 3/128 ( 2%)
f.Safari 0/128 ( 0%)
g.Other 2/128 ( 2%)
No Answer 80/128 ( 63%)