CA SiteMinder Tuesday Tip: How to confirm the CCS website is working.

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How to check the Content Classification Service (CCS) Web Service is accessible via HTTP posted by Andrew Devine Snr. support Engineer 25 June 2013

For SiteMinder users who have implemented the Content Classification Service (CCS) to control access to documents, the follwoing tip might be of interest.

The CCS runs as a web service. An external application passes the URL or UNC location of a file, or the binary content of a file, to the CCS. The CCS then analyzes the text content to determine whether the file matches an existing document classification. If the CCS confirms a match, the resulting classification is returned to the external application. For example, CA SiteMinder can use the CCS to control access to a document. By comparing the user identity with the nature of the document, SiteMinder can decide whether to allow or deny access to the document.

The CCS comprises of the following components; Primary CCS Server, Secondary CCS Server (Optional), CCS Web Service Interface, Classification Cache (Optional), CCS Preclassification Agent and CCS Policy Editor.

The CCS Web Service Interface, a SOAP-based web service API whose operations are defined in its WSDL file. This API enables external applications to query the available document classifications and request a classification for specific documents.

To check the CCS Web Service is accessible via HTTP Browse to http://localhost/CADLPCCS/WgnCCS.svc this will display a page with a link to the WSDL.

For more information on The DataMinder Content Classification Service please refer to the CCS Integration Guide Guide (DLP_CCS_Int_ENU.pdf) which is available to download from the CCS Bookshelf on the CA Support Portal (