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Help needed-OWB & MSP upgraded but referencing prior server info

Question asked by Ruthann Spencer on Jun 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2013 by Ruthann Spencer
Good day everyone!

This is a OWB and MSP issue. We have the latest and greatest installed and have all the necessary fix packs, etc. in place This works fine in TEST. . .

We have just upgraded from 12.05 to 13.2 today in PROD. When attempting to launch a project schedule into either tool - the upgraded OWB or MSP 2010 - we are getting at type mismatch error.

When you get the log on the CA Clarity PPM pop-up, and click on Setup, our 12.05 production box is referenced in the CA Clarity PPM Host Field. If you cange the host to the correct sever, it launches like a champ. The Host is then retained for the session.

When you close out OWB or MSP and try and launch again from Clarity, it goes back to the 12.05 Prod reference. We looked in the regedt32 to see if there was something stuck in there with the old PROD reference, but there is nothing.

Any thoughts on why we can't get this to stick? What are we missing? Any suggestions on how to correct or beat into submission??

Thank you in advance!