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Clarity issues that need solutions

Question asked by stephen_floyd on Jun 28, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2013 by Sergiu.Gavrila
Hi All

I have three dilemmas that I was wondering if anyone had a solution too.

Can we you make an Organisational Breakdown Structure field Mandatory? If so how I can I do this.
Is it possible to create our very own Alert Messages (Yellow Banner across the top of the Project page?) And how?
Is it possible to populate on OBS field automatically with a value when the user selects a value on another attribute? So for example I have Project Attribute A and when I select a value in that attribute, automatically the OBS field gets populated with a particular path. How can this be achieved? Or can it? Is there Code that could backup with something like this

I am using Clarity version 12.1.1 and we have customised a lot of our own attributes and created other OBS’s. If there is something out of the box I could use for any of the above please find feel to mention them.