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How to Upgrade CA Clarity PPM using a F5 Load Balancer?

Question asked by sergio.calvo on Jul 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2013 by fpena
Hi Everyone,

I'm performing an upgrade from CA Clarity PPM r12.04 to CA Clarity PPM r13.1 but on the production's environment I have to upgrade using a F5 Load Balancer connected to a SQL 2008 DB cluster, so the cluster provides a virtual IP which I have to connect my two Clarity app servers. My question is how should I perform the upgrade? first running the script on the App1 which peform the DB schema upgrade also then go to the App2 and do the same. what happen with the database if it is already upgraded with the first script? how can I upgrade just the Clarity APP2 and do not touch the database anymore because is already upgraded?.

I will really appreciate your suggestions on this topic.

Kind Regards,

Sergio Calvo