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APM Agent + SharePoint Monitor install issues

Question asked by jhillaker on Jul 1, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2016 by Hiko_Davis
Hi.. Our company has been using Introscope/Wily for a couple years now. Primarily on Unix/Linux systems. I am within a Windows environment and it has been requested we revisit setting up APM agents on our Windows servers to gather metrics, etc.. In the past, we visited this with an older version of APM agent, but it was problematic.

Being told that there are less issues in the newer versions, we are trying again. I have been handed this project, so I am doing what I can to just identify a process to get installed onto our SharePoint 2010 servers.

We are using agent version I can install the APM agent itself on to a server, but when I select to install SharePoint Monitor, I get an error saying "the server could not be found"..

I have opened a case with CA and I was basically told that the Computer Browser service is required. I have file and print sharing enabled and the computer browser service refuses to start and stay running. It stops immediately after starting and event app logs dont have much real info to help.

Anyone have experience with this that could offer some insight?

Thanks in advance!