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Cost not populating in cost plan from resource assignments

Question asked by matpj on Jul 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2013 by another_martink
Hi all,

i'm going through the financial management user guide for our version 12.1

Have set up an investment, added a team to it
Each team has a standard cost in a cost matrix
the investment has a bill-rate in another matrix

both matrices are applied in the financial sub-page of the investment.
the team have been assigned to tasks.

However, when I create a cost plan from the resource plan (assignments), the cost column is 0.
the revenue column is picking up the revenue based on their ETC and the billrate - which is fine.
The units are being picked up ok, but for some reason just the cost is not being calculated.

Can anybody advise a possible reason for this.