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how to use invoke action wsdl -- process

Question asked by tatianaobrien on Jul 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2013 by tatianaobrien
i am trying to learn how to use Clarity API and invoke process web service.
Have any of you used this before? my code is below,
but i can't figure out what to pass for input.request . if I don't pass anything, process does not start. I not sure what xml document to pass for a request. Any ideas are appreciated.

Dim processService As Process.ProcessService
processService = New Process.ProcessService()

Dim login As Process.Login
login = New Process.Login()

login.Password = 'password here'
login.Username = 'username here'
Dim sessionId As String

sessionId = processService.Login(login)

Dim auth As Process.Auth
auth = New Process.Auth()
auth.SessionID = sessionId
processService.AuthValue = auth

Dim input As Process.Process
input = New Process.Process()

input.code = 'process_id here'
input.request = 'what xml document to pass here' ?