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Cross Enterprise Application Performance Management

Question asked by Nickunj on Jul 4, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2013 by jakbutler
Hi Guys,

I have to prepare this proposal for a company in my region whereby we need to cater for Apps monitoring in two
locations (Singapore and MY both). How would I cater for something like this? Could I implement
APM in such a way that my EM collectors are distributed between Singapore and Malaysia and the
MOM is located in Malaysia. Please note that the time zone for SG and MY is same, hence, there would
not be a clock-skew in this scenario. However, do you recommend cross-data-viewer (CDV - i.e. MOM of MOM)
or just one MOM with HA is sufficient to gather info from all locations in both MY and SING. We have to keep the
hardware costs at a bare minimum, hence, please answer accordingly. Thank you.