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EPAgent for Performance Monitoring of U2 Universe Database?

Question asked by Nickunj on Jul 5, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2013 by Hiko_Davis
Hi Guys. I need some help from your end. I have this insurance agency customer here in Malaysia. They basically want us to monitor their universe DB. Have we done that before using EPAgent in Introscope? I understand that EPAgent is basically a perl script that can use to a odbc connection to UniverseDB and pull performance data (we can fully parse the performance data into XML). Am I moving along in the right direction? Would such instrumentation be supported by CA Support? Do you know if universe DB has its internal performance schema from where I can pull data? Last but not the least, please help me with epagent script for such instrumentation if you have any. Thanks for the help with this.