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Display Only "Current" Allocations

Question asked by KiwiAli on Jul 6, 2013
Hi all

We're deploying Clarity on Demand (13.1), and one of our Resource Managers has asked whether it's possible for the Allocations page (under the Resource Planning link) to show only "current" Allocations - i.e. those Allocations where the allocation amount is greater than zero for the period displayed in the time scaled value.

As a cludge, I thought I could set up the TSV to commence from Last Month, and display 6 months into the future (showing 7 months), then I could set the Hard Allocation Start date to be > the start of Last Month. Sadly, I came unstuck because the 'standard' filter field for Hard Allocation Start allows choosing only a single date (i.e. you can't choose a greater-than or less-than), and the power filter option doesn't allow relative dates (start of previous month).

Is there any way I can fill this user's requirement, without pushing out a custom portlet? Thanks in advance.