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SDM 12.6 / PAM 4.1 - caextwf_log_categories option

Question asked by Stuart_ on Jul 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2013 by Stuart_

I have the CA IT PAM Workflow option "caextwf_log_categories" installed. Its value is currently set to Process, Operator.

Opening a Change Order and viewing -> Addtional Information -> Workflow Task the log shown is very hard to interpret. I can see when a approval is given for instance, the Activity log is updated. (Using the ITIL Content Pack "Single Approver Form Sub Process".

Is there a way to have an easier to understand workflow log? For instance similar to the classic SDM CA Workflow. My main concern is being able to see what is waiting to be approved, and who or what group needs to approve it.

Anyone out there using PAM / SDM with a solution or can explain how they interpret the workflow log?