Using iMacros to automate Clarity administration V12.1 - tuesday tip

Discussion created by andrew.m on Jul 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2013 by Chris_Hackett
So we needed to update a few thousand transactions to new rates, although we could have used a different option (see 2281311 this was way too manual for us and we wanted to do it via the GUI.
So I dug up my trusty iMacros application and built a script to do it for us...

All it needs is the transaction number of the transaction which needs to be updated. We also included role code, since some of the roles also changed.
This worked beautifully and we processed over 20,000 in a few hours.

The attached excel workbook contains a macro which transforms the columns into a string, this was just a quick and dirty way of getting a script ready!
I'm sure some of you will have better ways of doing this, so if you do change it let me know!

To run:
install imacros add on (free & cross platform)
extract the transactions IDs and role ID's you want to change (query in workbook)
paste this into the excel workbook, changing URL of your clarity application
copy this data into the source pre transform tab
run vba script (adjust range in vba if greater than 1000 rows)
copy resulting script into iMacros
press play and sit back and relax whilst it does its magic
once done, check approve wip adjustment. (it should equal the adjustments you have made)
run the approve wip adjustment iMacro with loop set to the number of pages, again sit back and relax!

Note, the speed at which you can process is heavily dependant on the server and connection and it is capable of error handling.

I have a whole bunch more scripts for everything which can be shared if interested!