What you may have missed in the Security Distributed Community! 7-9-13

Discussion created by Chris_Hackett Employee on Jul 9, 2013
[font=Arial]Dear Security Community Member,

I have consolidated some more recent activities in case you have missed anything.

In the Tuesday Tips Sections (Subscribe if you wish to have notification of future Tuesday Tips) -

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CA ControlMinder -

How to Configure Enterprise Management Server for Strong Authentication

CA DataMinder -

Introducing the Client Network Agent

New Administration Features in iConsole

DataMinder Email Integration with Voltage SecureMail

How to confirm the CCS webiste is working

CA IdentityMinder -

Account Detail Report Blank

imruser6 index warning

HTTP TRACE method running on an internal server is not a risk factor

Identity Manager supports SQL Server authentication when connecting to SQL

Warning "Property endPointName doesn't exist

Known XML limitations with TEWS

IdM System Manager Password Expired

CA SiteMinder -

Minimum Active Directory Bind Account Rights used by SIteminder operations?

Agent Installation Does Not Terminate When there is Insufficient Disk Space

CA SiteMinder® Federation Cloud Runbook Library!

IIS, Windows Security Context, SiteMinder and You

How to confirm the CCS webiste is working

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General Availability Announcement for SiteMinder 12.51

General Availability Announcement for CA User Activity Reporting 12.5.06

General Availability Announcement for CA GovernanceMinder r12.6 SP1

General Availability Announcement for CA IdentityMinder r12.6 SP2

General Availability Announcement for AuthMinder 7.1.01

General Availability Announcement for RiskMinder 3.1.01

Check out the Security Products Support Wiki if you haven't already! It's full of great Security product knowledge!

That's it for now folks but I'm sure there will be a lot more soon! Take a moment to get on the message boards and make your voice heard!


Chris Hackett
CA Technologies
Principal, Community Programs[font]