CA Clarity Tuesday Tip: 13.2 Configurable OBS attributes and Filtering

Discussion created by Kathryn_Ellis Employee on Jul 9, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2014 by James_Baltao
With the introduction of the configurable OBS attributes available in Studio, the new OBS attributes are not available on the Object Filter Views. Instead only a system-restricted 'OBS Unit' attribute is available.
This attribute will provide the user with the OBS Filter Browse hierarchy list of OBS Units for all the OBS definitions linked to the specific object.

Using a Filter Portlet can be configured with an attribute that uses specific OBS Filter Browse Lookups and then 'mapped' to specific configurable OBS attributes on object portlets within a page.
To illustrate this functionality, let's say we have an OBS defined as 'Store Division' and associated with the Project Object.
Create a user-defined Grid portlet using the Project Object as the data provider.
Configure the portlet to show the 'Store Division OBS' attribute.
Create a user-defined Filter Portlet.
Create an attribute on the filter portlet and link it to the Project OBS Filter Browse Lookup (Lookup ID = OBS_BROWSE_FLT_PRJ)
Place both portlets on page
'Map' the Filter Portlet attribute to the 'Store Division OBS' attribute on the Grid Portlet

Now the list of OBS units shown in the filter section, will include units from all OBS defiitions associated with the project object (if there is more than one OBS definition). So when the end-user uses the filter portlet, they need to be sure that they only pick units that are associated with the 'Store Division OBS' otherwise, filtering will generate no results due to the mapping. We are trying to filter only for values in the 'Store Division' attribute.

Therefore, if you have more than one type of OBS definition associated with the Project Object, you may want to consider creating another attribute on the Filter Portlet and mapping it to the other specific OBS attribute. As a 'best practice' in making a Filter Portlet configuration with OBS Unit attributes, set the label name of the filter attribute the same name as the configurable OBS attribute. 'Store Division OBS' as in my example would be configured on the Filter portlet and this would indicate to the end-user to select only a 'Store Division' OBS Unit for filtering.

See the attachment showing screen shots to illustrate the functionality in a filter portlet.